Software Trained On Program Level Comments
Excel Level I  
    I really appreciated the small class size and allowing the use of our day to day requirements as part of the learning tool. 
    The training atmosphere is realistic as good and bad points about the programs are discussed.   Nothing or nobody is perfect, we aim for perfection and the training opens your eyes to the unknown and shows you the simply ways of completing necessary tasks
    Very relaxed, informative, made for easy learning
Intro to HTML Level I  
    Huge success, we felt comfortable and learned a lot thanks to the patience and kindness of our instructor. 
QuickBooks Level I  
    As I had stated earlier in  my comments I highly recommend this company. The instructors made my experience personable and applied the  class content directly to what I was doing in my day to day experiences to fully make sure I was understanding what I was being taught. A fantastic place to learn!. Thank you ladies