As the restrictions are lifting I can now offer group classes through my home office. However I will keep the classes small - no more than 4 people in one class.

If I have just one person register I will still run the class - this means you will be the only one in the class, you will still recieve hands-on training and be able to complete each level in a shorter period of time. Classes will still start at 9:00 am (some other options are available) and run until 1:00pm. This will allow plenty of time to complete each Level. And if we do require a bit more time then arrangements can be made.

I can still offer group training if I come to your site. I have 10 laptops that I can bring and provide instruction to your group.

Mask Wearing and other Restrictions
Masks will be optional however I will continue to wear a mask while teaching.
If you are attending classes at my site you will not have access to the kitchen including the fridge and microwave.